Water Resources Management and Information

Water Resources Management and Information is a department which consists of five (5) units and six (6) Catchments. The department is managed by the Director of Water Resources Management and Information. 

The objective of the department is to manage, develop, protect, conserve and preserve the water resources for both surface and groundwater both in terms of its quantities and quality of the water resources by;

  • Obtaining, compiling, store and disseminate surface and ground water data concerning the water resources of Zambia;
  • Exercise planning functions as provided in this Act in relation to the Catchment Planning and Water Allocation Plans;
  • Provides Technical recommendation to the Board in allocation water resources in conformity with the provisions of the WRM Act;
  • Control the quality of both surface and groundwater resources in accordance with the provisions of WRM Act;
  • Provide to any department or agency of Government, at its request, technical assistance in respect of any projects, programmes or activities which relate to the development, conservation and use of water resources;
  • Monitor, regulate and enforce compliance on the Water Users;
  • Provide to the public or any government agency, information in relation to the water resources
Departmental Units 
  • Hydrological Unit
  • Groundwater Unit
  • Hydro-Informatics Unit
  • Environment and Water Quality Unit
  • Regulation and Compliance
  • Zambezi
  • Kafue
  • Luangwa
  • Chambeshi
  • Luapula
  • Tanganyika