Finance Department

The Finance Department provides accountability for financial resources and assures prudent utilisation of funds.  The department performs this function by preparing management reports and periodic financial statements prepared in accordance with applicable International Accounting Standards and International Financial Reporting Standards.

The department informs sound financial planning by providing guidance on budget preparation to the various departments of the Authority. It contributes to the successful allocation and employment of financial resources ultimately contributing to WARMA’s water resources management objectives.

The department began its operations in April 2015 when the Accounting Function was taken over from the Accounts department at the former Ministry of Mines Energy and Water Development. WARMA’s Finance Department and the Authority as a whole’s operations fall within the Provisions of the Public Finance Management Act No. 16 of 2018,  Public Finance Act No. 15 of 2014, the Public Procurement Act 2008 and the Public Audit Act Cap 378.

The department operates with an approved Financial Policy and Procedures Manual to provide authoritative guidance on the application of financial related procedures of the Authority.