Application Forms

WARMA wants to offer its clients the best service and provide all information necessary to complete the application process. The following section will explain the route to apply for a Water Permit (Primary or Secondary Use of Public Water) and the different sections of the forms. Please read this page carefully and follow the instructions to ensure a successful application.

Form A: Application for the Use of Public Water
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Form A Apllication for Water Permit I

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Form A provides details about the applicant, the location for the water permit and the use of the abstracted water. Please follow the steps below:

1-4. Details of the applicant including name (individual, contact person, institution, company), postal address, telephone number and district
5. If available/necessary the applicant shall provide the name of the owner of the property
6. Please state if the property was already reviewed by the authority
7. Provide the size of farm or property
8. Provide the name of the river, stream, lake where water will be drawn from (in case of questions about tributary please contact us)
9. Please state the quantity of water you intend to use per day in cubic meters
10-11. State the use of the water required by ticking the specified options.  In case of irrigation please specify the coverage for each crop in hectares


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Form II Application to Drill Borehole I

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12. Details about the total area to be irrigated.
13. Provide an estimated number of the cattle for which water is required
14-16. If the intention is to build a dam or weir, please provide details about the structure and names of the downstream-upstream user(s) that may be affected. If other users are directly affected by the structure applicants need to provide names, contact details and rights of abutment/storage. Please describe shortly if consent with other landowners could be achieved
17. Provide a sketch map showing the extent of the property, neighbouring plots, affected water sources and intended construction measures. (Please be as accurate as possible)
18. Please help us to find you to enable a visit of inspection. This is necessary before a report can be submitted to the board

Please note: The fields 'No, Date Received and Zone' are for official use only.