ZAMWIS is a web based information management system for the Zambezi River Basin. The system is implemented to support the Zambezi Watercourse Commission (ZAMCOM) to fulfil its obligations conferred on it under the ZAMCOM Agreement. It also provides the Riparian States with an efficient and timely means of sharing data and information on water resources in the basin.

As an information system, it also supports water resources strategic planning in the basin for mutual benefit of all countries in the basin. The system provides a platform for storage, visualizing and presentation of GIS and earth observation data. It is also possible to collate layers and deduce useful information such as determination of hydrological characteristics of the basin.

ZAMWIS Overview

The users are able to visualize and analyze time series data, searching and viewing of documents such as policies, protocols, legal instruments and reports on previous studies done in the basin. The system also contains meta-data associated with documents, time series indicators and processing history. This functionality is provided through an interactive GIS user interface.

The knowledge portal is a web-based "door" that enables open/public access to the available data, information and knowledge products published in physical and electronic documents related to the management and development of the water and related resources of the Zambezi River Basin.