Gathering information about Zambia's water resources with IWRMIS

The Integrated Water Resources Management Information System (IWRMIS) is a software to help WARMA establishing control over Zambia's water resources. The intention to develop this tool is not to develop a new system that will immediately replace all existing systems and capacities but rather a system which is able to integrate existing systems, establish data links between them and be able to flexible react on requirements of future systems and services. The receipt of incoming measuring data to the system and forwarding them to relevant databases is one of the core functionalities of the intended IWRMIS. The Integrated Water Resources Management Information System will consist of the following core components;

  • Data Import via Manual Data Entry, Telemetry and custom FTP settings
  • Quality Control of the Data.
  • Generating Quality Control Reports.
  • Visualization of time series i.e. charts.
  • Document Management.

As such the IWRMIS is anticipated to potentially be an important tool in the daily work at the Water Resource Management Authority, supporting a well-documented and objective dialogue between Catchments on subjects related to information management and environmental / water resource management in Zambia. The overall modus of operandi of the system is that the water management authority makes data available through IWRMIS leveraging a WARMA managed data exchange protocol.

This flow is conceptually a depiction of IWRMIS database system.