Hydrological Information

WARMA employee measuring water levels in Zambia

WARMA through it's catchment officers monitors the water levels in Zambia and collects Hydrological Information. This can help the authority to fulfil its mandate and manage Zambia's waters. Some of the results affecting importand rivers in the country are shown below.

Water Level updates

Kafue at Hook Bridge [4-669]
Station Location

This station is located about 70km upstream of Itezhi tezhi dam. The volume of Water measured at Hook Bridge can be considered to be inflows going into the dam since there is no major tributary between the gauge station and the dam.

Daily flows

Flows on the Kafue River at Hook Bridge have been rising steadily due to rainfall received around the area. There has been an increase in flows observed in the week under review. The flow observed on 09th January 2018 is 279.365m3/s, while the flow observed last year on the same date was 167.113m3/s

Flood Situation 2017

Ground Water Level Monitoring trends

Groundwater trends in the observed Lusaka’s city Airport and National Institute Scientific Research (NISIR) area. This trend is observed in many other monitoring areas around Lusaka