• Water Quality Analysis at one of WARMA'S Laboratories.

Welcome to the website of the Water Resources Management Authority (WARMA). As a statutory body under the WRM Act No. 21 of 2011 WARMA is tasked to effectively manage Zambia’s water resources, be it surface water or groundwater and not only in terms of quantity but quality as well.

This website aims to inform all stakeholders about WARMAs work and important developments in the water sector.

  • About Us will explain the background, the mandate and the vision of the organization.
  • Permits and Applications will provide information about the process of applying for a Water Permit or a Drilling License, how to register a borehole.
  • The Information Center gives an overview about WARMAs current projects and offers stakeholders information, policies and fact sheets from the water sector to download.
  • Catchments informs about WARMAs work in the regions and how water resources management works.
  • The Media Room provides useful resources for representatives of the media and other stakeholders, including press releases, media kit and current press contacts.