This site offers information about WARMA and the water sector of Zambia. You can download important documents, acts and policies, application forms and the latest WARMA publications.

Application for the Use of Public Water

This application form needs to be handed over to the authority in case the applicant intends to use water for:

  • environmental purposes;
  • training and research purposes;
  • municipal purposes;
  • agricultural purposes;
  • industrial purposes;
  • hydro-electric purposes;
  • mining purposes;
  • navigational purposes;
  • supply of water in bulk;
  • construct, acquire any water works, impound, supply or distribute water from any water works or borehole to any other person
  • de-water any mine, quarry or water works;
  • drain any swamp, marsh, dambo, wetland, re-charge area or other land;
  • construct or acquire any water works for the purpose of draining into, conserving or utilising, in any manner whatsoever, water from a water resource;
  • construct water works necessary to restore the course of a water resource that has changed its course;
  • harvest any rainwater by means of a dam, weir or barrage that is on a water resource;
  • conduct any operation that would interfere with the bank or course of a watercourse;
  • sink, deepen or alter any borehole for any purpose in a water shortage area; or
  • carry out any activity in relation to a water resource as may be prescribed.


Notice to Drill (Form I Regulation 3 (1) of Groundwater and Boreholes Statutory Instrument)

The form is pursuant to section 94 of the WRM Act which requires a driller or occupier of land to notify the Authority on their intention to drill. This form is submitted simultaneously with form II.


Application to Drill (Form II Regulation 3 (2) of Groundwater and Boreholes Statutory Instrument)

This application needs to be handed over to the authority before drilling a borehole. This form is submitted simultaneously with form I. The application is complete after paying a once-off application fee of K250. The authority will then assess the application and inform the applicant about the results.


Borehole Completion Form

This document needs to be handed over to the authority after completion of drilling.


Borehole Registration Form (Form V, regulation 6(1) of Groundwater and Boreholes Statutory Instrument)

This form is used for registering boreholes which were drilled before the Statutory Instruments came into effect on 9th March 2018.


Defective Borehole (Form VI, regulation 7 of Groundwater and Boreholes Statutory Instrument)

This form is used to report boreholes that exhibit contamination levels above the prescribed thresholds.


Application for a Groundwater Drilling Licence

This form needs to be completed and handed over to the authority by companies who want to obtain a drilling licence.

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Drillers Checklist

An overview of information that needs to be provided to WARMA when applying for a driller's licence.


Water Resources Management Act

National Water Policy_2010

Groundwater and Borehole Regulations

Licencing of Drillers and Constructors Regulations

Fees and Charges

Minimum Distances Between Boreholes

Classes of Drilling Licence

Management Services Board Act, 2011

Zambia National Decentralisation Policy

Urban and Regional Act 2011

The Fisheries Act, 2011

 WARMA Strategic Plan 2017-2021

 12-2018: Annual Report 2017

05-2018: Regulations Explained

12-2017: Annual Report 2016


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