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July 16, 2018

PRESS RELEASE ON COMPLIANCE LEVELS ON GROUND WATER REGULATIONS The Acting Director General for Water Resources Management Authority responded to a press query from Media Houses on the compliance levels on...

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Ministrial Press Statement

April 18, 2018

Ministrial Press Statement The Ministry Of Water Development, Sanitation and Environmental Protection (MWDSEP) released a press statement clarifying the enactment of the statutory instruments on fees and charges, licensing of drillers...

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Zambia National Water Stewardship Award …

April 12, 2018

Zambia National Water Stewardship Award 2018 Launch

WARMA Acting Director General launches 2018 Zambia National Water Stewardship Award Water Resources Management Authority Acting Director General Mr. Lemmy Namayanga launched the 2018 Zambia National Water Stewardship Award. During the...

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Legal Department

Legal matters and water governance
The Legal Department is a supporting function of WARMA whose principal mandate is to provide legal guidance to the Board and Management of the Authority.

Key Roles and Functions of the Legal Department in WARMA    
The Department is headed by the Authority Secretary which position is a creation of statute by virtue of section 16 of the WRM Act.
The Legal Department’s core function is to provide guidance to the Authority (Board and Management) on all legal matters and ensure compliance with all laws that relate to WARMA’s operations and activities. The Legal Department as the pivotal department of the Authority is constantly engaged in reviews of all legal documents such as contracts, memoranda, leases e.t.c from all other departments of the Authority and rendering legal opinions and legal advice to management with the main objective of averting legal risks. The department’s mandate extends to ensuring engagements with the Board, organizing Board meetings and preparing Board Resolutions and Minutes of meetings, and subsequent follow up of the implementation and execution of Board Resolutions by Management.
The department also spearheads legal enforcements of relevant law including but not limited to attending to prosecutions.

WARMA at a Glance

What is WARMA?


The Water Resources Management Authority (WARMA) is an autonomous body established by the Water Resources Management Act, No. 21 of 2011. WARMA exercises control over all water resources in Zambia as envisioned in the Water Resources Management Act. The Act set out provisions to regulate the use of water in Zambia by considering or issuing of water permits with the exception of international shared water bodies.

WARMA Mandate


To preserve and protect Zambia’s ground and surface water resources and regulate the abstraction, allocation, use, development and management of water resources in a sustainable manner.

Who is Elligible for Water Permits


  • Farmers


  • Hydropower producers


  • Industries


  • Mines


  • Water Utility Companies


Who is exempted


  • Domestic and non-commercial users