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Ministrial Press Statement

April 18, 2018

Ministrial Press Statement The Ministry Of Water Development, Sanitation and Environmental Protection (MWDSEP) released a press statement clarifying the enactment of the statutory instruments on fees and charges, licensing of drillers...

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Zambia National Water Stewardship Award …

April 12, 2018

Zambia National Water Stewardship Award 2018 Launch

WARMA Acting Director General launches 2018 Zambia National Water Stewardship Award Water Resources Management Authority Acting Director General Mr. Lemmy Namayanga launched the 2018 Zambia National Water Stewardship Award. During the...

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Hydrological Information

March 22, 2018

Hydrological Information

REVIEW OF THE RAINFALL AND WATER LEVELS FOR SELECTED STATIONS •The rainfall period considered was from the December, 2017 to 16th March, 2018. •Water levels considered were from 1st October, 2017 to...

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The Minister of Local Government and Housing, Honourable Stephen Kampyongo, has launched the 2015 Urban and Peri-Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Sector Report.

The Honourable Minister of Local Government and Housing who officiated at the event held on 8th April 2016 at the Government Complex, urged the sector to concert efforts to finding solutions to managing water crises. In his speech to launch the 2015 Sector Report, the Minister lauded the sector for achieving the MDG on water supply and sanitation but called for more effort in improving sanitation coverage.

The annual event also marked the awards for outstanding performance by Commercial Water Utilities. Southern Water and Sewerage Company was awarded best performing CU. Other awards given were as follows:

  • Runner Up - North Western WSC
  • Most Improved CU - Lukanga WSC
  • Best in Servicing Peri-Urban Areas- Southern WSC
  • Most Improved - Lukanga WSC
  • Non Revenue Water - North Western WSC (Best) and Southern WSC (Most Improved)
  • Water Quality - Southern WSC (Best) and Lukanga WSC (Most Improved)
  • Metering Ratio - North Western WSC, Eastern WSC (Best) and Western WSC (Most Improved)
  • Water Service Coverage - Mulonga WSC (Best)
  • Sanitation Service Coverage by Network - Mulonga WSC (Best) and Nkana WSC (Most Improved)
  • Hours of Supply - Kafubu WSC (Best)
  • Staff Efficiency - Mulonga WSC (Best) and Nkana WSC (Most Improved)
  • Collection Efficiency - Southern WSC (Best) and Western WSC (Most Improved)
  • O&M Cost Coverage by Collection - Southern WSC (Best) and Western WSC (Most Improved)

WARMA at a Glance

What is WARMA?


The Water Resources Management Authority (WARMA) is an autonomous body established by the Water Resources Management Act, No. 21 of 2011. WARMA exercises control over all water resources in Zambia as envisioned in the Water Resources Management Act. The Act set out provisions to regulate the use of water in Zambia by considering or issuing of water permits with the exception of international shared water bodies.

WARMA Mandate


To preserve and protect Zambia’s ground and surface water resources and regulate the abstraction, allocation, use, development and management of water resources in a sustainable manner.

Who is Elligible for Water Permits


  • Farmers


  • Hydropower producers


  • Industries


  • Mines


  • Water Utility Companies


Who is exempted


  • Domestic and non-commercial users